Day 19 with Sandra’s Review and Pic.

“Reasonable Lies by T A Rosewood

Today is day 19 my turn as one of the rosettes 🌷 on the #reasonablelies book tour.

🌷Wow!! This book was a really powerful & emotionally engaging read for me.

🌷If you are going to read this book sit yourself down with a nice cuppa, comfort food & a box of tissues.

🌷So relatable all women should read it as it might make us all stop & think when was the last time I checked myself.

🌷Dealing with breast cancer or any kind of cancer must be really hard.

🌷Jane amazingly puts the feelings of others first before her own. Hence the title reasonable lies.

🌷This book will take you through Jane’s journey.
How she has a wife & mother copes with the heartbreaking discovery she has breast cancer.

🌷Yes, it has you reaching for the tissues, but there are lots of really lovely moments throughout too.

🌷This story was a real page-turner for me I got so totally immersed in it.

🌷A sensitive topic but with an inspirational message.
I really cannot believe this is a debut novel such a captivating read & so beautifully written.

🌷If there’s one thing we can learn from this book it’s to check your breasts regularly.
Go on do it today & make it a regular thing each week

🌷The author has got the balance just right for such a difficult read. I for one am really pleased I got to read this wonderful book.

🌷Thank you to @tarosewood for including me on her book tour. 🌷”

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