“In Reasonable Lies, we went on an emotional journey with Jane and once again in Secrets and Lies, tarosewood has written a sequel I couldn’t put down once I’d started reading it.

This time we learn about Jane’s best friend Sarah – the kind of friend everyone wants, she was always there for Jane and is ready to step up for Jane’s family supporting them while living her life with her new partner. But Sarah has a secret of her own and when her past catches up with her, she worries how it will affect her future.

I loved reading about Sarah and what she’d gone through and the turmoil she now faces trying to keep everyone, including herself, happy. I think Jane would be proud of her friend and how she copes with everything.

Another great read I’d recommend.

Thank you Traci for inviting me onto the book tour and for my signed copy of the book 💝”

By Yvonne.