By Karen.

“Wow, yet again, T A Rosewood has pulled out the stops, with this her third novel, and the second in the Rosewood series.

Sarah was one of my favourite characters in the first book in the series, Reasonable Lies, and I was so pleased to hear that there would be a book based on Sarah and her life.

I sped through this book, it is so well written, and I really felt that I got to know the characters intimately and that they had become my friends by the end of the book. I found myself all too quickly at the end of the book, and with the ending wrapping up all the loose ends neatly.

Again, I highly recommend this book, I read it over two days, yet again I was curled up under a blanket with several cups of tea. What I would suggest though when you settle down with this book is that you have a box of tissues to hand as this rollercoaster of a book will take you through the full range of emotions, and I found myself moved to tears several times both in laughter and sadness.

Another great read and I can’t wait for the next book by this author.

Thank you so much to Traci, tarosewood for once again allowing me to be one of her rosettes and for an advance copy of this, Secrets & Lies, in exchange for an honest review.”