Today we have Torie to kick off the 3rd leg of the tour.

“My Rating: 4⭐

My Thoughts 💭

Okay, guys.

I’m going to be honest.

I’m struggling to find words for this review.

The subject matter is something very close to me. I’ve lost people to this particular monster.

There have been so many wonderful reviews. People who have articulated just how powerful this story is. I’m not sure I can do the justice it deserves. 😳

I devoured this book. It surprised me.

Although I can’t personally agree with every decision the main character made, I’m so very glad the story was written the way it was.

It so eloquently captured the heartbreak of living with this horrific diagnosis.

It wrenched my heart. It made me Ugly cry. It emphasized the lengths a person will go through to protect their families.

It’s a book that needed to be written.

It’s a book that needs to be read.

I can’t say it enough guys. CHECK YOUR BOOBIES!

Cancer is brutal and it doesn’t discriminate. If you are worried… get to your Doctor… like NOW!”