Rosette number 44 is Nadia.


It seems I am destined to read books that hit nerves this month.

First Sunset, now Reasonable Lies.

I wasn’t ready for this…a bitter-sweet experience that I am so glad to have had.
Jane has it all. The perfect life some would say. Beautiful family, home, and friend.

However, one day, the unimaginable happens.

In order to protect the ones she loves, Jane tells Lies.

Reasonable Lies.
I’m a mess, honestly.

This story is one hell of an emotional rollercoaster.

I’ve lived it so I can say it is so raw and true to life that it hurt but I had to keep reading.
T. A. Rosewood deals with so many difficult themes in Reasonable Lies and she does it with ease and sensitivity.

It is so beautifully written and I am in awe that this is a debut novel!

I loved the twist, I loved the balance of humour and wit with sadness and grief.

Brilliantly done. 👏

I also love the idea that actually sometimes we do tell Lies to protect others because actually, a lot of the time, the truth hurts.
You will definitely 100% need tissues but you won’t regret it!”