For our 45th Day, we have Debs‘ review.

“Thank you to Traci for asking me to join the book tour and gifting me a copy of the e-book, it’s been a new experience for me and I’ve enjoyed following everyone’s reviews!

TW: Discussions of Cancer, treatment, mention of suicide.


This was a hard-hitting, emotional rollercoaster of a debut!

The book follows the story of Jane and her diagnosis of Breast Cancer, and her decision to keep it from her family in order to protect them.

At first, I found myself saying to Jane tell them, tell them, as I watched her struggle with the diagnosis and all the realities that come with it. The thought of someone going through this journey alone broke my heart.

Whilst I could understand her decision and the need to protect her family I couldn’t get on board with it, but who knows what decisions you make in that position!

Rosewood writes with such feeling I found myself reading with a constant lump in my throat.

The characters were so well written and likable I found myself willing for a different outcome, when the truth is, that’s not real life, cancer takes lives and chemotherapy is hard.

Cancer is never an easy subject to read about but Rosewood’s main protagonist Jane had the right about of humour to make jokes and lighten the mood at times. It was insightful and respectfully written, and the emotion was real and raw!

Definitely an author I will be looking out for in the future.”