Kim is our Rosette for Tour Day number 46.

“I’m really excited to be a part of @tarosewood ‘s Reasonable Lies book tour! I’m a little late in the day posting, sorry – hardly any signal here!

I’m currently staying in a beautiful b&b which has a lovely little bench outside, which somehow feels like the perfect location to be reading this novel.

I absolutely love this book. I’m always a little dubious about cancer stories. They’re not really my go-to.

This story however was tastefully done and is written in a way which manages to evoke a real variety of emotions. Not only is the tale of our MC Jane devastating, as she fights to keep strong and protect her family from the awful news – but it also doubles as an excellent way of raising awareness for breast cancer.

The tears flowed as I turned the pages, putting myself in Jane’s shoes and relating in any way I could. I found myself wondering how I’d feel in this situation, how my family might feel; whether I too would try to protect them as Jane had.

I loved her friendships, particularly with the wonderful James who was an extraordinary character. This was a wholeheartedly relatable book, a real reminder that this could happen to any of us but that we should make the most of the time we have.

I’m absolutely rambling on now, but in short – buy this book!!

It’s a wonderful tale of love, loss, and friendship and I’m so pleased I gave it a chance.

Thank you.”