Another Danielle for our 54th Day of the tour.

“Today is my stop on the book tour! I finished this book yesterday, after starting it the day before.

It’s written in a style that’s very easy to read, even if the subject matter isn’t.

In Reasonable Lies, we follow Jane as she comes to terms with her terminal cancer diagnosis.

I struggled with this in parts because when my mum had cancer she had a habit of not wanting to tell us how bad it was and going to appointments on her own. I hated seeing the main character put her family through the same thing.

Reasonable Lies is a heart-wrenching read.

The author doesn’t shy away from the emotions involved, or the harsh realities of this horrible disease.

It’s a difficult one to recommend, purely because of how sad it is.

There are moments of happiness, but we know they are fleeting because of Jane’s diagnosis.

The book handles the subject matter sensitively, but we know as readers not to expect a happy ending for everyone with this story.

Reasonable Lies is currently 99p on Kindle and @tarosewood is selling paperback copies for £7 Inc postage.”