Padmajha is our Rosette for Day 55.

“I am excited to be a part of the book tour for @tarosewood – T.A. Rosewood’s Reasonable Lies! Thanks Tracy!

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My favourite genres are thrillers and mystery but I went for this reading the reviews.

There are so many things that we need to have awareness around and breast cancer is one among those.

The author has not only brought about the awareness but has also shown the readers the mindset of the affected person and how the family reacts to this situation.

Reasonable Lies is a touching story that revolves around Jane and her family. She is a very happy-go-lucky person with a wonderful family and a friend who would do anything for her!

Things start going south when she gets herself examined at a screening camp organised in her workplace. Once the results come back, her beautiful world is shattered.

She wants to make special memories with her loved ones before they find out about her condition and her friend Sarah is with the family through the ordeal.

What I liked about this book is the strong characterization.

Jane takes matters into her hands and goes about doing stuff that won’t hamper her family routine and also she wants to handle her situation all by herself.

Her husband Karl and twins Robbie and Cassie are very supportive after they find out about the cancer. They do have their ups and downs and meltdowns but they handle the situation very bravely.

I fell in love with James the moment he met Jane! Sometimes I feel I like him much more than Jane or any other character. I cannot tell much about him as it will give away the story, yet he is my favourite.

The emotional turmoil that the family and close ones undergo when they come to know about Jane’s diagnosis is really heart-wrenching. The author has conveyed the struggle of each member very clearly and it is so realistic.

I loved the plot twist at the end that involves a character [which I cannot give away]. But I really wished Jane had gotten over the disease and lived happily with her loved ones. I felt like I had lost a person I was just getting to know about! Even then, the author has penned a beautiful ending to the story.

Finally, the language is simple and there is no drag anywhere in the storyline.

It is an emotional read yet an eye-opener for women of all age groups to take care of themselves and get checked regularly for breast cancer whether or not you have a family history.

Go for this book and read the moving storyline that will pull you into its realm and tug your heartstrings.”