Today, we have Rosette 56, Anni with her review.

“Whilst at the airport last weekend I continued my read of this…….

I can’t even describe how emotional I got with it 😩

I’m so lucky to be on the world tour of #reasonablelies by @tarosewood

Because this isn’t a book that I would naturally go for but is one that will be in my heart for a long time so I am so glad to have been able to read it.
The story follows Jane a wonderful, strong lady who receives a shock diagnosis.

Through right or wrong, she decides to protect those she loves; her doting husband, energetic twins, and bestest of best friend by spinning a web of “Reasonable Lies” to hide the truth so as not to break their hearts.

She meets a lovely stranger, James who supports her and listens to her each day. James has his own story that eventually gets discovered.
Obviously, you can’t lie forever and so you are swept into the love that surrounds Jane throughout the rest of the book.
We all need a best friend like Sarah in our lives, her support of Jane is second to none, she loves Jane and her family as if they are her own and James even manages to help Sarah in an unexpected way ❤️
Overall this book is powerful and heartwarming but you may need the tissues handy.