Rosette number 57 is Abbey with her review and pic.

“Today is my turn for the #reasonablelies by #tarosewood book tour!

Thank you so much @tarosewood for allowing me to take part.

This was one that had been on my TBR since I heard about it but put off reading.

Jane has the perfect life, the adoring attentive husband, amazing and thoughtful twin children, and a job she loves.

But upon receiving devastating news Jane does everything she can to protect the happiness of the ones she loves the most, to ensure that they don’t find out the truth, even if it means telling lie after lie.

She knows that when they find out it will tear their picturesque family life apart.

A beautiful and uplifting story that is so devastatingly sad at the same time.

I loved the strength and resilience Jane showed throughout the book and her attitude towards everything that is thrown at her is something that will stick with me for a long time.

Be warned T.A Rosewood’s heartbreaking debut is a huge tear-jerker I had a lump in my throat whilst reading and shed a few tears once I put the book down.

An amazing story about love, strength, determination, friendship, family, and loss.

Definitely, one that will stick with you when you finish reading.”