Clarisse is our Rosette for Day 59.


I just want to start my review by thanking the amazing Author @tarosewood for this wonderful opportunity to be part of this book tour.

This is a book that takes you on an emotional journey.

I’ve cried a lot after reading this book which reminded me that life can be so tough, but this shows how resilient the human being can be. Something we need reminding of.

It highlights that no matter what there is always hope and that if you look hard enough you can find positives in everything.

This hit close to home as I’ve lost a lot of family members and friends with the Big C so it hits harder as I know what it was like going through Jane’s journey.

The reasonable lies you often tell the people around you to make their lives easier for them, the feeling that you were a burden to them or you are being treated differently because of cancer.

As a mother myself I can resonate with Jane, it’s not about the fear of dying, it’s about the fear of who’s going to look after our kids when we are no longer here, being able to see them grow up, be there for their first heartbreaks, first dance, getting married, being a grandparent to their children.

It sucks because knowing you are terminally ill is like a death sentence, you have to live every day not knowing will this be my last day?

This is a reminder that we should always check our breasts and please always attend your smear test ladies it’s only a few minutes of uncomfortable feeling but it will save our lives if it’s being caught early on.

This book was written with so much compassion, love, and empathy.

There’s sadness, laughter, and hope to it.

I hope one day they will be able to find a cure for cancer.

I know everyone will somehow relate to Jane and her journey.

I highly recommend reading this but please be warned you’ll be needing a lot of tissue to wipe your tears away.

What an incredible debut novel.”