It’s the final day of the tour and Shelly is Day 61.


This book requires a checklist!

. A quiet place to read.
. A box of tissues.
. 1 large tub of ice cream.

I was delighted to be asked to be part of the rosettes book tour for, ‘Reasonable Lies.’

Book Review

This story follows a woman, Jane, who ignores a lump she has and after an unexpected mammogram, she receives devastating news.

I found it difficult to relate to Jane as that is not how I would react but what it did do is open my mind to the fact that everyone reacts differently in life and we must always check ourselves.

It made me very self-conscious in a good way.

She gets caught in a web of lies to protect her loved ones but it eventually catches up to her.

It was hard to read, knowing what was coming but equally showed the strength of a loving support network.

It was very sad at the end and I shed some ugly tears.

Writing a novel is not an easy feat and especially surrounding this subject matter.

Well done T.A Rosewood.”