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Do you post to the USA?2020-11-12T14:39:14+01:00

Yes I can do. But extra postage charges will be made.

Do you post out copies?2020-11-12T14:38:46+01:00

YES! I love to send them directly from my writing room. I will sign them to you or whoever you want me to and package them up, then send.

What is Reasonable Lies about?2020-11-23T13:16:15+01:00

Reasonable Lies tells the story of a woman who gets a shocking health diagnosis. She can’t bring herself to tell her family and friends so she begins a string of lies to try and protect them.

Is Reasonable Lies available in Book stores?2020-11-23T13:11:57+01:00

The paperback version of Reasonable Lies can now be ordered in many book stores. They include Waterstones & Foyles book shops. The book can also be ordered through some independent book stores too across the country.

Where can I buy Reasonable Lies?2022-05-13T11:23:54+01:00

You can buy a signed paperback direct from me, order a copy from Waterstones, Harts Books and many other book store or you can go to Amazon. Please see the shop page for info on all the outlets selling and stocking it.

Can I get a signed paperback?2020-11-23T13:20:33+01:00

In answer to that question; YES you can indeed! Regularly, I will order a large amount of paperbacks to keep in stock as I love to send out signed copies. All you need to do to get one is, contact me via email, Facebook or Instagram. Once payment is made, I will sign your copy, package it up and sent direct to you. Why not, visit the buy now page on here to see what other products are available.

Can you pinpoint one highlight from writing this book?2020-11-23T13:22:57+01:00

For me, the biggest highlight from writing this book is that it made me realise that this is what I want to do for a career. The whole process has meant so much to me. Hearing the emotions felt by some of my readers, has been so touching. On one occasion, a reader actually sent a photo of herself crying as she tried to finish it.

Did you edit anything out of Reasonable Lies?2020-11-23T13:29:53+01:00

After writing the first draft of Reasonable Lies, I listed all the characters as part of the planning process. On writing their names down, I realised that eight out of ten names began with the letter J. At the time, I was with my husband and we both found it hilarious. We then had to have a brainstorm session to come up with new names for eight of my characters. The finished manuscript was around 30,000 words longer than my first draft, and I did edit out the chapter planned describing the funeral as I felt it wasn’t needed in the end.

What was your favourite childhood book?2020-11-02T16:43:41+01:00

Charlotte’s Web. I hate spiders but the story was beautiful and touching.

Who are your favourite authors?2020-11-02T16:43:04+01:00

Jojo Moyes; who inspired me to write my first novel and also lives in the same area as myself. After meeting her at our local book shop opening, Harts Books, I made the decision to start writing again. She’s really lovely too. I also admire E.L. James from Fifty shades as she self published first and seems like a really down to earth person and as a child I loved Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton.

As an author, what books do you enjoy reading?2020-11-23T13:04:34+01:00

As an author, books which grab your attention and really tug at the emotions are a bonus. Firstly, a story which is relatable to certain situations in real life are a definite hit too. Secondly, if a book can move me in some way, it becomes a favourite.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author or an author hoping to be published?2020-11-02T16:41:45+01:00

Go for it! If you want it, just do it and don’t give up. Approaching the publishers is hard work and from my experience, unless you have a big following, then an agent, it is impossible to get into the big five publishers. I had five offers from vanity publishers but they wanted up to five thousand pounds from me to start the process. This is why I chose to self publish and am loving being in complete control of every aspect of it.

How did you come up with the title for this book?2020-11-23T13:32:23+01:00

Reasonable Lies was originally titled, ‘A Reasonable Lie’. As the story progresses she has to tell many more lies. so I changed it. It also worked better on the cover too and this is where the final decision was made to change it.

If this were made into a movie or series, who would you want to star in it?2020-11-23T13:51:52+01:00

It would be a dream come true if Reasonable Lies was made into a movie or short series. Firstly, if it was a British movie, Jane, would be played by Rebecca Ferguson, from the film; The Greatest Showman. She played The English Nightingale, Jenny Lind. Jane’s husband, Karl would be Tom Ellis from Lucifer. Secondly, if it was an American movie, I would love to have Jennifer Lopez star as Jane, and Bradley Cooper as Karl. Two celebrity crushes I have.

What do you hope your readers take away from this book?2020-11-23T14:13:37+01:00

This book has made many cry whilst reading. It’s a real thought provoking storyline that stays with you afterwards. I really hope that readers will take away the seriousness of the illness portrayed in the story. This would come from the friendships within the book and all the support that Jane received. There’s also the hope that it may give people ideas on how to cope in a similar situation. One of the key points that a few people have remarked upon, is the way the characters talked to the children in the book about the illness itself.

How do you handle the emotional impact of a book when you are writing?2020-11-23T14:06:45+01:00

The subject of this book is something very close to my heart and has been an emotional journey in itself. The emotional impact of this book has been overwhelming and very touching. I love to hear about how this book is affecting people. I feel very proud to have created a story that people love. It really has amazed me how they have connected with the characters on a personal level. One reader told me that she couldn’t help shouting at the main character at one point as she felt so in touch with her. The best friend in the story; Sarah, has impacted many reviewers too, mentioning how they’d love her as a friend. One reviewer actually sent me a photo of herself crying as she was so touched by the storyline.

Which scene of the book has been the hardest to write?2020-11-23T14:02:43+01:00

There is a chapter near the end of the book where the family are given letters from the main character. I imagined them to be letters by myself to members of my own family and they became very emotional. I got very tearful during that chapter and readers have said the same. Writing while crying is very hard so a few times, I had to take breaks during these scenes.

What is the most difficult part of writing?2020-11-02T16:37:08+01:00

For me, it’s the editing afterwards. I always think I can tweak parts and want it to be perfect. Just recently, after fracturing my elbow, this has caused a great deal of stress with not being able to type normally and I had to try out dictation and one handed typing for a few weeks which was hard work. I’m gradually on the mend now but can only type for a few hours before having to rest the elbow.

Where did you get your ideas?2020-11-23T13:59:35+01:00

The Reasonable Lies storyline was very basic at the beginning with a flash of an idea. As I began to write, the story developed more and more and ideas just kept flowing. My main aim was to create characters that were likeable and believable. This aspect of the book has been something that people have relayed back to me in their reviews. Readers have mentioned that they really connected with the characters, felt angry with them and felt sad with them. 

Who are the characters based on?2020-11-23T13:56:05+01:00

The characters in Reasonable Lies are all fictional. I didn’t base them on anyone in particular at first but, as they developed, certain celebrities did come to mind.

Where is the author from?2020-11-23T14:16:42+01:00

The author, T.A. Rosewood is from Essex, England. Born in Colchester in 1975, she now lives in North Essex.

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