I was so pleased to hear that Indie Spines had purchased four copies of Reasonable Lies as a giveaway for their readers and followers over on Instagram.

Then they invited me to chat about the book after the winners had finished reading.

So, on 29th January 2022 at 5 pm GMT, we had a good old chat.

It was great to hear the views on the book and answer questions that a few people had regarding the book and my journey becoming an indie author since launching my first book, Reasonable lies, in 2020.

If you are an indie author and would like to get the chance to be featured by them and of course have your book read and reviewed, please do go give them a follow on Instagram or Goodreads.

A big thank you for the lovely interview/chat.

I enjoyed it very much and am so happy your readers enjoyed Reasonable Lies.

Indie Spines interview and reviews of Reasonable Lies

@IndieSpines (by Nicole @Bookiesandtea and Shakila @Shakilamarie_reads).

“Indie Spines is dedicated to highlighting, featuring, and reviewing Indie books!

As book influencers, we noticed a theme with the many books that are normally promoted which are mostly from big publishers. So, we wanted to create a platform to bring awareness to the awesome independent and self-published books and authors out there.

Currently, we have a monthly book club where we read a book written by an indie author. We also feature and review indie and small press books on our Instagram page, @IndieSpines!

We have met some awesome indie authors and are in awe of the amazing book club members and Indie friends that are just as excited as we are in promoting Indie books!”