I have recently given my first Author interview and it has been written up amazingly.

Donna, who has downloaded my book twice and now has a signed paperback copy asked me for an interview to feature on her blog which I was delighted to do for her.

The interview questions took a little longer than I’d expected due to my accident at the start of June, fracturing my elbow, collarbone and nose but we got there in the end with my husband typing the answers up for me!

Please go check out the interview.

So not only did her book make me cry, but a couple of her answers to my questions did too! I think that is largely down to the fact that I feel so invested in her and her book, I really want it to do well because I genuinely believe she deserves it. I mean, the woman had a terrible accident breaking several bones and she is still full of apologies for the fact it has taken a little time to get some answers to me for this post! She’s just too lovely. Anyhow, I won’t keep you hanging on anymore, T. A. Rosewood ladies and gentlemen!

Donna, She Just Wanted To Read