Author, Sarah Jayne Harry said…A book you will never forget

No words can describe what I feel when reading this book. Reasonable Lies may just be the best book I will ever read. The author has surpassed all expectations with this one. Be sure to have the tissues ready when you start it because you will definitely need a box… or three.

Reasonable Lies tells the story of every woman’s worst nightmare. And, as the author has experienced this kind of tragedy personally, it makes this book even more special. Reasonable Lies takes its grip on you and doesn’t let go, not even after you’ve finished reading.

First, let’s talk about the characters. Sarah, Jane’s best friend. This kind of friendship is a treasure to be held. Sarah is the carefree, flirty type of girl, but when she learns of Jane’s news, her whole persona changes. She stops flirting and partying, and spends her time looking after her friend. Sarah is one character that everyone knows, and you can’t help but love her.

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Next, we have James. I won’t say much about this character because I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say this: I figured out James was not what he seemed around the mid-way point and I had to do a little jig when the truth came out and I had guessed correctly.

Reasonable Lies is incredibly well written. The characters, the perfect family image, and the relationships, that the author has created, are all done so beautifully. The author has done an amazing job at bringing the story, and the characters, to life.

My favourite line, and by far the saddest line, in this book: “My little butterfly has flown.” Now, I was already sobbing at this point in the book, but this line ruined me, causing me to break down even further.

Reasonable Lies is a beautiful, emotional story with such a powerful and inspirational message. I highly recommend that everyone read this book as soon as possible. It is one book you will never forget.”

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