Day 10 with Allie’s Review and Pic.

“Reasonable Lies
By T.A. Rosewood
5/5 ⭐️

✨Today is my stop on the #booktour of #reasonablelies by @tarosewood! ✨

I have a confession to make – I was a bit nervous to read this book. I generally gravitate towards happy books or fantasy where I can escape the real world. The topic covered in the book, cancer, is too real. It’s too real and sad, and it made me ball my eyes out.

Jane has a perfectly normal life. She’s an accountant, has a husband, Karl, and two kids, Cassie and Robbie, and lives in the suburbs. Until she is told that she has cancer. Jane doesn’t know how to cope, and keeps it to herself, telling lies to her family and friends.

Going through everyday life and reminiscing on her past, this novel goes through each of the important relationships in her life. Karl, Cassie, and Robbie, and her best friend Sarah. Her friendship with Sarah sounds like so much fun – they’ve been there for each other through everything.

The novel explores both the wild and extreme moments of those relationships, but also the mundane, the every day that makes this book relatable.

So many people have experienced loss or fear of it because of cancer. It makes it easy to emphasize with Jane and her family. This is a beautifully written story – this was a difficult read for me, but as soon as I started, I also couldn’t stop reading. Definitely have tissues nearby! The crying was cathartic. 💕

Thank you again for having me a part of your book tour @tarosewood!”

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