Day 11 with Loziiee’s Review and Pic.


@tarosewood, what have you done to me?
My heart hurts, my eyes are puffy but what a beautiful book this was.

This is wholeheartedly that of a woman, a wife, a mother, etc… who learns she has breast cancer and now has to learn how to deal with the diagnosis whilst keeping it away from her loved ones to protect them.

I think from a perspective Jane just wants the best for everyone and the way she does that is by leaving memories.

But it also opens your eyes to how this type of diagnosis can stay hidden for a long time and gives an insight into just how a cancer patient must be feeling.

I feel like I’ve been on an emotional journey with Jane entirely. I’ve read some pretty good books this year so far, but this one tops them all for me.

I know my review must certainly not do this book much justice but please just trust me when I say, this book is the only one you need to read, don’t forget to keep the tissues nearby!

Right, I’m gonna shoot – I need tissues & time to reflect but before I do, one question Traci, when is book number 2 out? ❀️”