Day 12 with Laura’s Review and Pic.

“Reasonable Lies, by T A Rosewood

Jane is a happily married mum of twin teenagers, Cassie and Robbie, working a job she enjoys with people she loves. She’s hard-working and organised, but that doesn’t stop her from letting loose with Sarah, her best friend since high school.

After getting a check-up at a work organised Charity Fundraiser and Awareness event, Jane is given some news that shakes her happy, perfect life.

Reasonable Lies takes us on Jane’s journey as she does everything she can to protect the people she loves most in the world, and her newfound friendship in James, a stranger she meets on the day everything changed.

I was very generously gifted this beautiful signed copy of #ReasonableLies by @tarosewood , and it is finally my stop on the Book Tour!!

Oh. My. God. Have hankies. I don’t think I’ve had a book have me shed as many tears since “Marley and Me.

Traci has taken such a harrowing and heartbreaking journey and delivered it to us in such a careful, compassionate, and sensitive way. You cannot help but become attached to Jane and her beautiful family, feeling their anguish and heartache and, if you’re anything like me, shedding a few tears in the process.

I appreciate that some people may not agree with Jane’s decisions and the choices she makes, but Traci is able to relay the rationale behind these in a way that, even if you don’t agree, you can definitely understand. Simply put, Jane wants to protect her family, which I found so admirable.

This is an extremely well-written novel, taking the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions.

P.s. I felt like my pictures weren’t doing this book justice, and tried so many different ideas before settling on the main pic; nice and simple, so the book takes center stage. However – swipe to see my dogs modeling the book (Cass does seem rather nervous …) and a reminder to CHECK YOUR BOOBS”

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