Day 2 with Ceri’s Review and Pic.

“I went into the book blind after seeing soooo many good reviews for it and I am still thinking about this book a week after finishing 😂

I read this as part of a book tour but all these opinions are my own 😊

This book is so hard hitting and deep you definitely need tissues at the ready 😭 It is written beautifully and the descriptions are so intense you do get fully into the book.

We follow Jane’s journey after a shocking health diagnosis. She meets a new friend and she creates a bed of lies for herself which she struggles to keep up with.

As someone who has dealt with cancer in the family, I personally just couldn’t imagine never discussing this with family and I don’t know how honestly I would act if I was lied to in this manner.

I understand the concept and the reasoning behind Jane’s choices in the book but for me I can’t get behind them.

I loved the twist in the book, I would NEVER have guessed that one!! It just added to the whole thing, amazing!

I really enjoyed the last chapter from Cassie’s perspective too and I would love to see where the characters have gone on from here.

Even if I didn’t agree with the Reasonable Lies concept, I understood the books plot reasoning and I look forward to reading more leading on from this book, and even more books by the author 😊”

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