Day 5 with Cheryl’s Review and Pic.

“It’s finally here – my stop on the @tarosewood Reasonable Lies book tour!!!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough – but you will need to keep the tissues handy.

It deals with the fragility of life, how quickly our circumstances can unexpectedly change and the steps people take to protect the ones they love.

I know others have stated they could not support Jane’s choices and would never keep such news from their loved ones.

I fully understood Jane’s decisions and the reasonable lies she told to protect her family.

In July last year, I was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumour and did exactly the same thing.

The only people who knew the truth were my husband and my boss – everyone else was told I had an issue with my eye which needed an operation to correct it.

Not just a lie to protect those I love but also to give me the space to deal with/process what was going on and honestly, I didn’t have the strength to talk to people about it.

I feel this is reflected in the novel too, as Jane unburdens herself to James, a stranger she meets after her diagnosis.

I thought the novel was sensitively written, dealt with the subject matter with grace, and was a very realistic portrayal of the choices people make.

I didn’t see the twist coming but it was a lovely touch.”