Day 8 with Kelly’s Review and Pic.

“It’s finally my stop on the #reasonablelies book tour! I can’t remember how I first came across this book but I downloaded a free copy to my Kindle last year when Traci did a freebie weekend on Amazon.

It then sat on my TBR list but I kept seeing it pop up in my feed (you do a great job of getting it out there Traci!).

When I saw the beautiful signed copies for sale on Etsy I had to get my hands on one!

This book featured in quite a few of my posts last month and I’ve wanted to share this review with you all ever since I finished reading it a couple of weeks ago!

So here it is…

✨ #BookReview ✨


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt invested in the characters, wanting to know more about them, and feeling their emotions as they go on this heartbreaking journey. They were really relatable to the point that I would smile when it described the way Jane looked at and thought about her ‘handsome husband’, as that is exactly how I see my (equally as handsome) Hubby too ❤️

There’s a little twist in the book (that I don’t want to say too much about as it would be a real spoiler) that’s not my usual thing, but I think it worked and was written really well. It certainly answered my curiosity about a certain character!

An emotional subject is very sensitively written about with an easy-to-read style that flows and makes you want to read ‘just one more chapter…’. I have never cried when reading a book but this had me reaching for the tissues so make sure you have some handy!

Well done @tarosewood you’ve written a corker! Thanks for letting me part of your tour 💜”

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