This morning I got a lovely photo sent to me via Instagram.

It was from a reader who had purchased my ebook a few weeks back, read it and then left an amazing review for me.

As a little thank you to her, I sent her a FREE matching Reasonable Lies Bookmark and it took just over a week to arrive in the big city of NEW YORK!

To top it off, she loves my book so much and has been so supportive, she has even invited us over to visit her when the pandemic os over!

To say she’s one of my top fans is an understatement and it means so much to me.

Check out her lovely picture and her wonderful review below.

Enjoy your bookmark Betty, see you soon!

book_loversdreams rated it – “it was amazing”

I thought that I would be reading “Reasonable Lies” by T. A. Rosewood slowly over the weekend but I could not put this book down today. I was so emotionally vested in the main character Jane that I needed to know all the details of her life and those that she held near and dear to her heart.

Ms. Rosewood beautifully describes all the characters emotions and in doing so has the reader immersed in each characters life. This book was written with such passion that even as I write this I have tears rolling down my face. You will come to understand what one would consider a “reasonable lie” and how important it can turn out to be.

Thank you Ms. Rosewood for writing and sharing this magnificent book with the world. I give this book 5/5 stars and I highly recommend that if you are looking for a book about life, love, family, humility, joy, and yes even death, that you read this book.

Betty, Instagram Book Reviewer