So on New Years Eve, I was scrolling through my book page on Amazon and noticed I had another few reviews in.

This always fills me with excitement! 🙂

Then I saw the review from Kim and sat down with hubby to read it to him. We like to experience these reviews together, especially the five star ones as we both beam with pride!

So as I got to the end of this truly amazing review, I had to take a breath!

I actually began to tear up and when finished, I was proper crying!

This review from Kim was so heartfelt and meant so much to me – I’m so grateful for it and the words she used.

She purchased the ebook and message me on instagram so afterwards, I asked her for her address to send her a signed bookmark.

Today, she got her signed bookmark and I also included a signed paperback because her review really did touch my heart – she was overwhelmed and thanked me again via Facebook messaging.

Reviews are so important especially for new authors who are given a chance.

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