So this month, I released Jane’s Journal as an ebook to see how people felt about it and I have been stunned by the feedback so far with the reviews now rolling in on Amazon and Instagram.

This little personal journal is based on the main character from Reasonable Lies and gives more of an insight into her life in the year that rocked her perfect family life.

From an idea that my husband came up with, the journal is now moving people again, bringing some to tears and this really makes me so proud. Not making people cry of course but the fact that my love of writing can move people in such a way.

If you have read Reasonable Lies and have questions for Jane, then check out Jane’s Journal – available to download as an ebook over on Amazon and soon to be a paperback.

For me, this was the finishing touch to a truly remarkable debut novel Reasonable Lies. Definitely need those tissues again.

Sandra, Netgalley Reviewer

Traci, you have blown me away once more again and answered all my questions. Written with so much compassion.

Alice, Bookstagram Reviewer

Wow, Traci has done it again, great follow-up to Reasonable Lies – it brought all the emotions (tissues definitely recommended).

Abigail, Bookstagram Reviewer

This is so clever and straight away brought me back into Janes life, I felt like a naughty friend picking up her diary.

Jessica, Bookstagram Reviewer

So many times I have read books and wanted to know more about the Main Character and this really hits the spot.

Danielle, Bookstagram Reviewer

The author writes with such compassion and feeling and that just bursts off of those pages and straight into your heart.

Lyn, Bookstagram Reviewer

It also made me cry all over again! Roll on more books from this wonderful author…

Claire, Bookstagram Reviewer

Wow, Traci has done it again. Brilliant read, really enjoyed reading janes journal great follow-up to Reasonable Lies.

Anna, Book lover
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