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Hi, I’m Traci and I write under the pen name, T.A. Rosewood.

When I was thirteen years old, I wrote my first short story which was called, ‘Looks Aren’t Everything‘ in a spare school text book. I still have it today and it’s funny looking back.

My GCSE English exam was to write a 2-page short story, but, once I’d started it, I found it hard to stop and so, it ended up being a 30-page tale instead. I failed that exam! That story was called ‘The Runaway’, a young adult story. I still have that document.

During my twenties, I got into writing poetry and had five of them published in various poetry collection books.

Unfortunately, as life, work and family grew evermore busier, the writing stopped.

But then, almost two decades later, something magical happened…

Jojo moyes evening at Harts Books

Seeing Jojo and being inspired.

Meeting Jojo again, to thank her.

I met bestselling and super-inspiring author Jojo Moyes, at the open evening of Harts Books in Saffron Walden, Essex.

Her inspirational talk about how one of her own books, ‘Me Before You’, was turned into a movie, made something inside of me sparkle – my love for writing returned.

That night, I told my husband that I was going to start writing again and that’s exactly what I did. I went home with an idea for a thought-provoking storyline that would resonate with so many people across the world and began typing my idea.

My first novel, ‘Reasonable Lies’ was born and my typing became faster with pure joy and excitement of writing again.

Sadly, one month into creating my debut novel, my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer; the same disease as the lead character in Reasonable Lies. This put an immediate stop to my writing, as it was just too painful to continue.

My priority was to help Mum get through this terrible time and attend her appointments and treatments. I wanted to be there for her.

Thankfully, after two operations and eighteen months of various treatments, Mum was given the all-clear. Such an emotional and worrying time for us all.

She then urged me to continue writing the book using her experiences and our time together as research and inspiration, making the storyline even more relatable and believable.

I’m so glad she was brave enough to do that and strong enough to come through this terrible disease. We feel very lucky and this book will always be close to our hearts.

The same could be said of the whole meeting of Jojo – as I had nearly cancelled going! I’m so glad we went that evening – Jojo, if you see this…you started my author journey off again! 🙂

As Reasonable Lies went off to two editors, my husband and I attended a ‘Meet the Author’ Event, to hear Jojo Moyes talk about her latest book; again at the local bookshop.

During the ‘Ask the Author’ section, hubby raised his hand to thank both Jojo Moyes and Harts Books for their part in my writing journey, and further explained how I had been inspired to write my debut novel from Jojo’s first visit to the store.

Jojo was so lovely. She congratulated me and then started to applaud, which then made the rest of the audience begin clapping. [Blushes galore at this point from me].

This impactful evening kick-started lots of follows on social media, and requests from local book clubs wanting to read my book.

Reasonable Lies was released in March 2020 and remains my best seller to date. I think because it’s so relatable to many.

I’ve now written and self-published four novels & two novellas and earned the nickname, ‘The Queen of Tears‘, which I’m proud of.

Oh, and I’ve also now written, designed and published five children’s books which are available on Amazon.

Me with my amazing, supportive family. xxx

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