About The Author, T.A. Rosewood

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and for Traci, aka, T.A. Rosewood, those powerful words ring true.

Since childhood when Traci dreamed up her first short story in a school textbook, writing has been a driving force and emotional outlet of expression.

Fast forward through award-winning poetry in young adulthood and marriage, Traci’s passion for storytelling took a temporary backseat amidst life’s more pressing responsibilities.

Yet inspiration never ceased bubbling within her creative spirit.

The spark that reignited Traci’s writerly fire?

A single book talk by none other than the renowned Jojo Moyes, speaking on the adaptation of her novel ‘Me Before You’.

Moved by Jojo’s journey, Traci committed to channelling observations and emotions into compelling fiction that resonates with readers.


What began as a cathartic escape during her mother’s gruelling cancer battle evolved into Traci’s gripping debut novel Reasonable Lies.

Immersing in vivid characters gave life to joys and sorrows.

Now a growing catalogue of acclaimed ‘Queen of Tears’ books later, Traci has circled back to also craft charming children’s tales.

With tireless support from her dearest champion, Traci’s husband, fate intersected with Jojo once more.

In expressing heartfelt gratitude for the role Jojo has played in uplifting spirits and ushering literary dreams, Traci continues wielding vocabulary into worlds capturing humanity’s intricacies, triumphs and all that lies in between.

For this author, writing is more than a hobby or career. It is air to breathe, blood flowing through veins, light piercing darkness.

While words may not solve all ills, Traci knows their ability to comfort souls, spur change and even save lives.

Indeed, her pen flows mightier than any weapon the world can yield.

Jojo moyes evening at Harts Books

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