Jane’s Journal – A Short Novella

Have you read Reasonable Lies?

Do you have questions for Jane Walden that need answering?

Then this short follow-on diary is what you should read next.

Why did Jane Walden tell Reasonable Lies?

Were they Reasonable in the end?

Find out by delving into her personal journal – get the ‘Truth behind the Lies‘.

This intimate diary comes from the heart of Jane and gives answers to why she felt the need to lie to her loved ones and what turmoil she was going through during the year that changed her life.

Wow!! You’ve done it again!
Traci, you have blown me away once again and answered all my questions.
My heart aches for Jane and her family but now I understand why she told those Reasonable Lies.
This book is so beautifully written with so many sensitive issues written with so much thought and compassion.
I absolutely loved following Jane’s journey in both books by Traci and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us all next 😍

Alice, Amazon Customer