Reasonable Lies – The Debut

Would You Tell Reasonable Lies To Protect The Ones You Love The Most?

Jane Walden has it all. A thriving career, beautiful twins, a crazy but dependable best friend, and an adoring husband.

Living life to its fullest and planning for their futures.

But One Day Changes Everything…

Suddenly, faced with a life-changing secret, she meets James, a stranger who quickly becomes her friend, but, is he hiding his own secret, and will she find out before it’s too late?

How Long Will Her Reasonable Lies Last Before Her Family Discover The Heartbreaking Truth?

A heartbreaking but beautiful story. Five stars
A mother’s love takes all forms, and in this story it takes the shape of reasonable lies. I was heartbroken from the start but compelled to read on and follow the journey of this family.
L. Skeats, Amazon Customer