It was a very busy February for us here at Rosewood House…

Two Birthdays, A double Anniversary, The New Book Launch and A Gorgeous Break to Italy with the hubby…

Our elderly dogs’ 15th birthday, our daughter’s 19th birthday, our 21st wedding anniversary, [27 years together too], a short trip to Italy and of course, my new book, LAST CHOICE, launched.

Did you have any special events or celebrations during the month of Love? Or this month?

Daisi the wonder dog turned 15! That’s 76 in Dog Years!

My elderly westie turned 15 on the 22nd of February. After two strokes late last year, we didn’t think she would make this one but she has proved us all wrong once again and is now known in our family as the wonder dog!

daisi turns 15

Eight years ago, a vet turned to me and said that the best thing we could do was put her down as there was nothing else they could do for her.

She had been on steroids for over two years because she had been losing all her fur. The steroids were now causing her internal organs to fail, so she had to be taken off them.

At one point, she looked like a little baby piglet as we could see so much of her pink skin instead of lovely white fluffy fur.

I didn’t want to give up on her so my husband and I researched skin problems and came up with a plan – feed her three times a day on just sweet potato and voila – within a month, she had gotten back nearly all her fur.

The rest they say is history and here she is still going strong!

Who knows how many more years she will continue to surprise us!

Our daughter had her birthday too, turning 19 on the 23rd of Feb – her last teenage year! Eeek….They grow up way too fast.

us together in grass

21 YEARS MARRIED…marks 27 Years Together too!

As you may have seen in my previous newsletter, we also celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary and we did it in style – Five days in Turin and the Piedmont area of Italy!

The same day as our anniversary, my new novel came out so we raised a cup of coffee while we were there to celebrate that too.

Coffee? You ask…Yes, coffee – mainly Lattes.

On 1st January, we started a new mental toughness challenge called 75Hard. Google it to find out more but it basically meant we were on an extra super challenge during our trip to Italy with not being allowed alcohol or chocolate, [which Italy is well known for], so no lovely Tiramisu or Ferrero Rocher for me!

It was tough but we did it! We are also returning there soon to make up for the lack of wine and chocs.!

The New Novel Launched…

Jessica and Sam – the new characters have their new book out!

I released it on the 16th Feb to coincide with our anniversary, being a romance type of book, I thought it fit in nicely.

Did You Order Your Copy of Last Choice?

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If you haven’t yet got a copy, here’s the link > Amazon


Monday, March 6th brings another virtual tour over on Instagram for the new book.

Check-in each day for 14 days to see readers’ thoughts on Last Choice. Can’t wait.

As you can see from the review pic, readers have been loving it so far!

us together in grass

Last Choice Soundtrack…

So, while the new novel is out there in the wild and reviews are beginning to come in, I’ve made a soundtrack for it.

It’s just another fun thing I like to do – you never know, one day my books could be made into movies!

Anyway, if you have Spotify or Youtube, you can listen to what I’ve chosen for this new book.


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