Day 16 with Leigh’s Review and Pics.

“Welcome to my spot on the Rosettes tour of Reasonable Lies by T.A. Rosewood 🥳

This kind of book is not typically my go-to genre, and to be honest, if I was in the bookstore I may have just walked past it.

But oh my! I’m so glad I read this story.

We follow Jane as she is given some devastating news and read how she tries to protect her family and friends from her secret by telling “reasonable lies” and how she navigates her own feelings on this unimaginable path in life.

I have only ever cried once while reading a book, that was Marley and me when I was 8 months pregnant, so I totally blamed the hormones, but this book had me welling up in so many parts and actual tears ran down my face. I just kept thinking about if I were in Jane’s shoes. Telling my kids, my family, and thinking about their futures. It was like reading my biggest fear.

@tarosewood has written this story so beautifully and with such care and consideration that you empathize so much with the characters, she has written.

For such a delicate subject it was such an easy read and I devoured it in a day.

I think this is a definite must-have on anyone’s tbr pile.

A book about love, loss, and family it is such an emotional read, and the twist is a lovely addition to the story.

And when you do read it, have the tissues at the ready, you’re going to need them 😭”

This book also serves as a reminder to please check your boobs! Any slight change, big or small, don’t hesitate and get it checked out. It could make all the difference 🥰

I am definitely looking forward to more from this aspiring author 🥰