Day 25 brings us Kate and her thoughts.

“Ok, so let me be completely honest about this book, I am not being paid to offer my review and therefore I can be totally impartial.
My honest opinion is …. that I LOVE IT !.

I initially agreed to be part of the book tour because I had never been part of one before.

If I am honest I obtained the book partly for selfish reasons, but also out of curiosity.

Lots of people have already reviewed the book on this tour and I have happily clicked like but I have tried not to read much because I didn’t want to spoil it for myself.

Then Father’s Day approached, my date for the tour was quickly coming towards me and I panicked.

Father’s Day is tough for me as I lost my dad to cancer when he was in his fifties, and the only glimpse that I had seen from other people’s reviews was.. you need tissues.

So I nearly bottled it! I am so glad that I didn’t though.

This book follows the story of Jane and her breast cancer diagnosis. The outcome cannot be a good one for her due to the fact that her cancer has spread and is no longer curable, and as a result, this book should be sad, gloomy, and depressing.

It is not.

Jane is uplifting, inspiring, brave and strong and I have friends that have battled with breast cancer, and they too like Jane started off thinking, oh this lump is nothing. The lies that she tells are lies in the literal sense but in no other means. They are her way of supporting her family and dealing with the end of her life.

The character of James may not have worked if it had not been for the incredible writing.

The only criticism I have is that the part in Florida was a bit unnatural. Having been with children in tow I know that they would never let you sneak off. That’s a small critique though and does not really detract from the book.

Absolutely a must-read and a real reminder that both women and men should check themselves on a regular basis.

This is not a drill people, it is your life.

Congratulations @tarosewood

Ps: you do need tissues, all of you who reviewed it before me, you were correct.”