Here we have Sarah with her review for Day 40.

This story is about Jane, a successful businesswoman with a loving husband and teenage twin children who she clearly adores.

Karl, her doting husband, and Sarah, her best friend since childhood, feature heavily in the tale too.

The innocence of Carrie & Robbie, her children, adds to the emotions running high throughout the book.

Jane’s tough and harrowing story dealing with raw grief, the unfortunate victim of this dreadful disease.

Seeing how bravely a mother prepares herself whilst protecting those she loves made this an emotional read, whilst delivering an important message, to check yourself regularly for breast cancer.

The characters were less complex and evolved than I am used to and I would have preferred to ‘discover more about them from their actions rather than be told every detail.

For it to be more realistic, I felt the teenagers could kick off a little and the marriage be not quite so idyllic.

James made a fabulous extra character and added a great twist into the plot, although I did have my suspicions.

I did have a few tears at the obvious points and felt emotional and would advise readers to have tissues handy.”