Rosette number 50 is Karen with her review.

“It’s my stop today on the book tour for Reasonable Lies by T A Rosewood.

Thank you to @tarosewood for letting me take part in the tour for this amazing book.

My thoughts:

Wow! What an amazing debut.

When I first finished this book, I just had to sit and hug the book, that was of course after I had finished wiping up my massive blubs of tears.

I read this in a day as I was so immersed in all of the characters and even though I already knew the outcome, I just needed to travel on that journey.

What a journey that was.

I laughed, I cried, at one point I even shouted at the book as I needed Jane to ‘wake up and see what was happening around her.

The twist in the journey was unexpected, but not wanting to give any spoilers, was a nice touch.

Jane’s relationship with her friend Sarah was heart-warming and I am so glad that even through all of the heartache, and support that Sarah gave to Jane, there was a happy ending for her.

This book covers several sensitive topics, but is so thoughtfully, compassionately, and understandingly written and that is what makes this book so very special.

I highly recommend this book to anyone, yes it covers some sensitive issues, but they are dealt with so delicately.

It also makes you realise that those people that always tell you ‘They’re fine’ might not just be and that you need to be there for them, as you just don’t know what they are going through.

After this spellbinding debut, I am really looking forward to more books by this author.”