Here we have Charlotte’s review for Day 52.

“It’s my stop on the Reasonable Lies Book Tour 💜 @tarosewood

‘be strong, to be resilient, and to love your family as much as you can every day of your life because you just never know what life is going to throw at you or indeed what someone may be going through’

Books always get an extra star from me if they make me cry, it shows me that the author has created something that I can empathize with.

This book had me wailing, it was never going to get anything less than 5 stars!

What a story.

Jane is a wife and a mum, and she put that above everything else.

I could totally and completely empathize with Jane which I why I think it’s made me so emotional. Thinking about what I would do in that situation, how would you find the strength to tell your children and put plans in place without falling apart.

Honestly, an excellent read if you have tissues ready.

The story definitely brings to light awareness around the C-word and the impact it has not only on the individual but their family and friends.

I think recently more than ever people are putting off seeking advice if needed due to the obvious – please don’t.

Please, however much you think something is ‘nothing’ or it may be a little embarrassing – get seen to, your health is far more important than anything else!

Thank you @tarosewood I really enjoyed this, even though you made me an emotional wreck!!!”