Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover – That’s the saying anyway.

Book covers can make or break a book.

As you may have been following, I’ve been having a time trying to sort my new book cover out.

Today though, I’ve been smiling widely and feeling so thankful to my husband, kids, and Instagram friends for all their help and advice with my dilemma and the whole Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover stress out I’ve had.

The ebook and paperback is now going live on Amazon and I can’t wait to get my copies ordered as soon as I can.

Reviews have been coming in from my Beta team and make me so proud of this new story.

don't judge a book by its cover

Title of Review: OUTSTANDING

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 February 2023

Claire, Instagramer

Title of Review: A MUST-READ

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 6 February 2023

Heidi, Book Lover

Title of Review: Another stunning storyline from the Queen of Tears!!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 February 2023

Another beautiful and emotional read from T.A.Rosewood.
So grateful to have been able to be a beta reader for Traci for her new book.
A new story with new extremely lovely characters with the same addictive writing I know and love.
Definitely a one sitting kind of read (when work is not in the way) kind of read that I will definitely read again and again.
When I say this was an emotional rollercoaster I really mean it. I laughed. I cried.
I was a big fan of all the small details included throughout, really helps picture the scene in my head.
Traci had this skill and talent of creating stories that are heartwarming and heartbreaking all in one and this is no exception.
Us readers are definitely kept on our toes with this book, you never know what will happen next. (I love this in a book, keeps me hooked from the first word to the last one).
I’ve loved this (maybe more and more with each read) and cannot wait for of these loveable characters in the future.
Abigail, Instagramer

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