At the weekend, I released the 3rd children’s book from my collection.

Yesterday, the excitement was crazy as Emma Elephant hit the number one position in Hot new releases in children’s ebooks category.

In other categories, it is currently at number 2 and 3….such a tense few hours hoping it would get to that number one spot!

The chart changes hourly and is dependant on sales and reviews coming in as well as clicks I think.

So, if you’d love to be part of helping me get a ‘BEST-SELLER’ badge on Amazon, please go have a click around and better still, a download of the book.

I have dreamt of this badge since 2020 when I self-published my first book.

Thanks to all those helping and supporting me so far and thanks in advance to anyone who wants to help!

USA Book Store Reviews Reasonable Lies

Reviewed on Amazon by; CMB


Book Review 5/5

“The cover was so appealing and such a lovely character. A great read!”

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