After recently posting on a Facebook writers group, I was pleased to be able to connect with another author and let readers know about her books in one of my newsletters.

Then, she tagged me in an Instagram and Facebook post to let me know that she had read Reasonable Lies and loved it!

Read below what she had to say – it’s so lovely.

I love to hear from authors and readers so much and this really touched my heart.

Being able to stir up such emotion in people is something I’m very proud of and also guilty of. I do feel bad for making people cry so much but it’s also a good feeling if that makes sense!

Reasonable Lies by T.A. Rosewood.

One of the standout stories this month was this book, by T.A. Rosewood.

Oh my god. I honestly haven’t cried this much, since I read My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult. (Actually, I think I cried more while reading Reasonable Lies). If you read this book, you’re going to need tissues. A lot of them. And I’d suggest getting the high-quality ones so that your nose doesn’t get too scratched up.

Basically, the story is about happily married Jane Walden who discovers she has breast cancer and eventually dies. This story doesn’t sugarcoat Jane’s initial denial, shock, or the tragedy to her family (she has twin 13-year-olds).

I think it’s fair to say most of us have known and lost someone with cancer, and this is such a beautifully touching story (even though it’s incredibly heartbreaking).

The reasonable lies are the stories Jane says to try to protect her family, and it is one of those stories that makes you think. Anyway, if you want a good cry, this book is for you. If you’re feeling fragile, leave it for when you’re ready to cry.

Lisa M White, Author & Reader

Lisa M White writes in the women’s fiction and magic/fantasy genres and you can learn more about her books below.

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