So, we had a birthday weekend planned for my husband’s birthday just last week. We were going to have socially distancing Saturday night drinks with our neighbours and then have a lovely BBQ celebration with the family on the Sunday.

But things didn’t go to plan at all.

Saturday afternoon came and myself and our son got busy baking a birthday cake in the kitchen.

My dog then needed to go out in the garden so I went to let her out, stepping over the dog cage to get into the kitchen. As I stepped, the other dog came out of the cage and I missed my footing!

Going down with a bang, I landed on my elbow and knees and then hit my face on the slate tiled floor, right on my nose causing my nose to bleed!

The pain was like nothing I’d ever had!

Anyway, after a call to 111, we were told to go straight to A&E.

Two hours later, we returned home – I had fractured my elbow, knocked a bone out of place in my shoulder, ripped my toe nail half off, grazed face, burst blood vessel on hand, concussion and have a suspected fractured nose too!

A week on and many bruises later, I’m on the road to recovery but it’s been hell!

The staff at Addenbrooks hospital were amazing – I had to go in alone due to the COVID procedures but they were all so lovely, caring and helpful.

My husband has postponed his birthday until I am better and our son finished the cake while we were at the hospital. 🙂

What a week!