So, November as you may recall was Nanowrimo – [National Novel Writing Month].

And boy did I crush it this time round!

Not only did I write over 60K for the month but, it also meant that I completed my first draft of the next novel; Quiet Whispers.

I’m so proud of myself and now will be getting the final edits done with the help of my Rosette team of readers.

February 14th 2024 is release day so I will be spending the next few months ensuring any typos or errors are sorted and ready.

In the meantime, I’m hoping by the end of December that the pre-order will be live on Amazon too.


Here’s the opening few paragraphs…

new novel coming in 2024


She froze, stunned into silence at the unexpected sight before her. The stranger standing fully unclothed and dripping wet in the bathroom, sporting a wry grin at her shocked expression. How was she supposed to react after seeing him in the buff? Laugh, blush, look away, run, she really had no idea what the appropriate reaction could’ve been to show her shock and embarrassment.

Naked guy on the other hand. He seemed more than okay with the fact that all his wares were suddenly on show to a total stranger walking into the bathroom. Proud almost of his manhood being blatantly on display and making no attempt to hide it from her rabbit-in-the-headlights eyes. His lean yet muscular form was angled just so under the rain shower’s spray. Dark tattoos adorned toned biceps and a chiselled torso. Kitty averted her eyes, but the striking image had already seared into memory.”