Meet The Author: Allison Wells

Allison Wells is a busy wife and mother of 4 who writes truth-telling inspirational fiction and sweet romance. She lives in South Carolina and her motto is “Life is short, eat the Oreos.”

Q – What made you want to write?

A – I was a reporter for a small newspaper and I got really tired of always writing bad news, so I started writing a book and haven’t looked back!

Q – Do you feel a connection with your characters? Which one(s)?

A – I feel a connection to all my main characters. The ones I feel most connected with are Bell and Abby.

Q – What message do you hope your readers pick up in your books?

A – I hope that my books bring a message of hope and redemption. I hope they’re entertaining and enjoyable to read.

Q – What’s next for you?

A – My 8th book launches May 8th and I’m actually working with an illustrator for a children’s book. I’m quite excited about that!