5.0 out of 5 stars
Achingling beautiful and completely devastating!
Reviewed in the United States on 28 May 2021

Book Review 5/5

Reasonable Lies is superbly written. The storyline is heart-wrenching, and the story arc is engaging from start to finish.

Be warned, however. You will need tissues. I made it to Chapter Four before I broke down and cried. I cried for the MC, for her dad, for me, for my dad. I was a huge blubbery mess. But I could not help myself. I had to keep reading. And I pretty much cried throughout the entire book.

It reminded me of the fragility of our lives and everything we take for granted. This book will tear you to pieces and build you back together and leave you questioning everything from the meaning of life to every white lie you ever told.

I only wish I’d read it sooner. Life happens and it sat on my TBR stack too long, but it was truly worth the wait. (And this cover is just stunning.)

USA Book Review Reasonable Lies

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