Day 14 with Natasha’s Review and Pic.

Thank you to @tarosewood for letting me be part of the tour for her debut book.

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Jane Walden is happily married to the love of her life. They have 2 beautiful children and Jane is in a job she loves.

Her work has set up a breast screening day to help raise awareness for breast cancer and the importance of regularly checking yourself. It provides the perfect opportunity for her to get that lump she found a few months ago checked.

She’s sure it will be nothing to worry about but she’s been too busy to get it checked out at the doctors…

A few days later she gets called into the clinic for more tests.

Janes perfect world crumbles when she gets delivered the most heartbreaking news.

She has cancer and it’s not going away. From that moment on Jane is determined to maintain the happiness of her family. She’s determined this horrible disease isn’t going to destroy however much time she has left.

She starts treatment in secret while trying to maintain the deception of normality in a bid to stop her family being torn apart by her devastating new reality. Up until now her and her family have always been 100% honest with each other about everything. This all changes when she must spin her web of lies to hide her terminal diagnosis from everybody. She must hope that when the time comes her family will forgive her reasonable lies.

Oh my gosh.. this book! It honestly is beautiful. A heartbreaking story that has been written wonderfully. I never cry at books but this one got me so many times. Do not read this without tissues handy. I mean full-on sobs!

Traci does such an amazing job of portraying the sheer strength of how people are able to cope despite unimaginable circumstances.

I got drawn into the book very quickly.

A tasteful way of highlighting the importance of checking yourself (men too).

If you haven’t read this yet then you really should! 💛 ”

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