Lyn’s Book Review of Secrets & Lies – 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Title of Review: Another tear fest. Grab your tissues!!

“So…have you all read reasonable lies??? If not you’re missing out. Go and check it out!!

Then comes Janes’s Journal causing another wave of emotion and tears. Surely that’s it done!!?? How much more can I take???? That’s it…isn’t it???

Nope…..I need to man up when the fabulous author drops a beta copy of secrets and lies in my inbox, closely followed by the real book, and hold up, here I go again…get comfy, get the tissues ready again and prepare for ANOTHER super rollercoaster ride of emotions.

I feel as if I really know these people in the books!

This installment comes from the view of Janes’s best friend and it was fabulous to get yet another side to the story.

As usual, the book is beautifully written and will pull on the heartstrings of even the most hard-hearted reader!

USA Book Store Reviews Reasonable Lies

I know this book means a lot both personally and professionally and the author has definitely smashed it again and done herself and her family proud!!

If you haven’t heard of T.A. Rosewood….this is your sign!!! Get those books now. They are immensely wonderful!

Don’t forget the tissues though!!”

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