Do you review on Amazon?

For self-published authors like myself, it’s so hard to compete with all the celebrities who launch books and obviously those lucky authors who have a publisher and an agent to help them and their sales.

This is where YOU come in to help.

A review on Amazon can do wonders! Not only does it help the book reach more readers, but it also helps us, authors, to gain a bit of traction on the platform.

Check this out > there are currently over 48 MILLION books on Amazon! How incredible is that? So, imagine how hard it is to get onto those all-important charts.

At the moment, (7 Feb 2022) these are my numbers:

  • Reasonable Lies – 614,590 in Books
  • Jane’s Journal – 701,578 in Books
  • Secrets & Lies – 120,300 in Books

They change daily and the only way to get them higher in the charts is by getting reviews added by readers.

There is another way which is supposed to help too.

Under each review, there is a ‘helpful’ button and if you go through the reviews that you like and click that little button, it can help Amazon notice the book some more and move it up the chart.

So, the moral of this post is…Please go review one, two, or all three of my books and give the other reviews a helpful vote.

The reviews don’t have to be too long, just give it a little title, ‘Lovely read‘, and then add some words to how you felt about the book, “Really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others”.

Together we can do this. Thank you soooooo much to all those who have reviewed any of my books. Means the