“Today it is my turn on this wonderful book tour & I was so thrilled to be asked.

This is my second one with this author & I feel like I am part of her journey into becoming a brilliant author.

Her debut novel Reasonable Lies was incredible, a brilliant emotional thought-provoking beautiful written novel.

The story is about Jane & how she handles her shock diagnosis of breast cancer.

When she wrote Janes Journal which was written as a diary I had to purchase a copy as to me it was a great accompaniment to Reasonable Lies.

An intimate diary of her thoughts & fears delving deeper into the reasons of how she handled everything.

After boxes of tissues were needed for both these books, I was not expecting a third book.

Secrets & Lies is about Jane’s wonderful selfless friend Sarah who was her rock throughout.

She is the sort of friend we would all want by our side if we went through what Jane did.

Sarah is heartbroken after Jane dies & is left wishing she had been strong enough to share her own shameful secrets that have been hidden for so long with her best friend Jane.

Now she has lost the only person that would have understood.

Trouble is those secrets have a way of catching up with you. Secrets turn to lies will it destroy the new life she has with Tom?

Yet again tarosewood has managed to write another emotional rollercoaster read with Secrets & Lies.

We all deal with grief differently & these books deal with some of these issues.

T A Rosewood is a very talented up & coming author who writes from the heart.

Can’t wait to see what she comes up with next I wait in anticipation & a box of tissues 😅 as all three have been emotional reads📖 ”

By Sandra.