I am so grateful to be part of another tour forΒ @tarosewood for her latest book, Last Choice.

Another moving tale where, despite the story, was a really easy read that I found myself flying through over the last couple of days.

Best friends Jessica and Sam have amazing chemistry from the start. At New Years Eve, they make a pact that if they’re still single in a year’s time, they will finally hook up.

Their relationship deepens over time, and fate intervenes. No matter what life throws at them, Sam and Jessica are clearly meant to be.

An emotional read that will leave you laughing, welling up, and despite it saying 400+ pages, it is an addictive read that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

Thank you so much again for giving me a chance to be part of your tour. I’ve enjoyed all of your books thoroughly so far!

You can get your copy on Kindle Unlimited!!!

Or for the remainder of the tour it’s available to buy on Kindle for Β£1.77 – AMAZON