It’s my turn on the book tour guys! Sorry for the late post but the NHS waits for nobody!

So…I’m over here like an emotional incontinent and browsing Amazon for a new book; What do I see?

The new book by one of my favs!!!!!

Buy, buy, buy……..hurry up amazon guy!!!

Devoured the whole thing over two days and then hugged the book as if I had said goodbye to friends and was missing them already!

So let’s be real here if you’ve read any of her other books you’ll know that she is probably in some secret pact with makers of paper hankies, because every single book is a pure tear fest.

I was kind of scared to be honest….it was like jumping into water you know there’s a shark in….if I open this book, I’m going to be sobbing my eyes out! But, the glutton for punishment I am, I opened the book and was instantly whooshed into the story.

There were tears by page two and I can confirm that they continued throughout.

This book introduces us to a whole new cast of wonderful characters and scenes which was really amazing.

The characters and the village and pub within the story are described so well I felt as if I had been there and sat for a drink while people went about their business.

This is such a beautiful story about 2 best friends who make a promise together that expires in a year.

As such, the year ahead is bumpy, funny, heartwarming, and obviously full of that old Rosewood drama.

The pages just keep turning as eagerness to find out whats happening with the characters takes over your life.

I’m giving away nothing more but one piece of advice……go and get this book!!!!!

You will not be disappointed.

In fact, as this is tour week, we’ve got a wee surprise bargain for you.. for the duration of the tour ONLY, get yourself onto Amazon where you can get the ebook edition for £1.77……go on, you know you want toAMAZON.