Book Tour | Day Eight | Sandra 💜

Book on Tour: Reasonable Lies by T. A. Rosewood


This is a second tour for this wonderful book & one I am truly honoured to be a part of.

Beautifully written this captivating emotional read held me from the beginning to the end.

It will pull at your heartstrings as you question yourself how you would handle such life-changing news.

None of us know what we would do in Jane’s situation & there may be conflict as to how she did.

It’s all about choices & we are all different.

Jane made the decisions that were best for her & her family. There is no right or wrong way.

Jane amazingly puts the feelings of others first before her own. Hence the title ‘Reasonable Lies’.

This book will take you through Jane’s journey.

How she, as a wife & mother copes with the heartbreaking discovery she has breast cancer.

Yes, it has you reaching for the tissues, but there are lots of really lovely moments throughout too.

This story was a real page-turner for me I got so totally immersed in it. A sensitive topic but with an inspirational message.

If there’s one thing we can learn from this book it’s to check your breasts regularly.

Go on do it today & make it a regular thing each week.

The author has got the balance just right for such a difficult read. I for one am really pleased I got to read this wonderful book.

The author has written Jane’s Journal to go along side this book which is well worth reading too.