Book Tour | Day Seven | Paige 💜

Book on Tour: Reasonable Lies by T. A. Rosewood


Thank you so much to @tarosewood for allowing me to be part of the book tour for this tear jerker for a second time.

I read this back in 2020 I think and I still loved this book as much as I did back then.

This book follows the story of Jane, who after a shock diagnosis, has to come to terms with her illness which in her mind includes hiding it from her loved ones to protect them from the hurt.

But how long can she really keep the secret?

Jane is the nicest character in a story I have ever read, that’s what makes this whole story even more heartbreaking. In fact every character was so likeable so it pulled on my heart strings even more, feeling for each character and what they’re all having to go through. But it’s also nice to read about how strong and caring they are towards each other.

This book definitely touches on a very important and serious matter. You can tell @tarosewood has done her research for this book, it brings across such an important message all while telling the most beautiful, heartbreaking story.

I’ll admit I didn’t fully agree with some of Jane’s choices in this book, but the choices she made were all very realistic and I thought that was way better.

Yes I cried again and yes you need to have the tissues ready for this book, but it’s one I will highly recommend.

‼️Trigger Warnings:Talks about death and cancers‼️